Mental Strength Training, it's necessary!

Mental Strength Training, it's necessary!

Growing up as a competitive 2 x USA youth national championship gymnast, I realized the importance firsthand of mental strength training during my daily 6-hour practices. 

Here are two mental strength techniques that athletes and myself included find necessary during both training and competition. 

①    Mantras: a word or phrase to help you stay focused, concentrating on being in the here and now, and keeping you in the moment. e.g. “Keep Calm and Carry On”, “Reset, Refocus and Commit”

②    Mental Rehearsal (Imagery): to build on strengths and help eliminate weaknesses by re-creating important details of your sport setting. e.g. If you tend to let distractions get in the way, imagine yourself staying relaxed and focused in the presence of those distractions.  

Remember, these take practice, practice, practice and more practice!  And of course you have to do the physical work in your sport.



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